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Self-Publishing Steps for #Teen Authors


Self Publishing on a Shoestring


A book has finally arrived on the ​bookshelves with a simple step-by-step ​guide on how to publish your own words into ​a book for yourself, your family, or the world.

You are now in control of your own destiny.

Created by Christine Sinclair, (pen name ​Grandmother Christine/Sinclair) for Create a ​Book Challenge and all those budding ​#TeenAuthors or Adult Authors now.

It is time to create your words into a book!

Publishing on a shoestring budget has never ​been simpler.

Christine tells all.

About Christine

Christine Sinclair

Grandmother Christine (pen name)

A self-published international author in every sense of those traditional words. Publishing on a Shoe-string with an acute sixth sense, Christine created her first series of children’s books called “In the Vales" in 2018.

To challenge herself she is writing a new series of books that will enlighten many and share her path till now. A rainbow collection of stories and information to enrich and support those that choose to understand their own intuition.

Give Back program:

Christine and her family have recently launched the ‘Create a Book Challenge’ in 2022 which invites school-aged children to create and present their own manuscripts for a chance to win a FREE self-publishing deal. Children Writing for Children is a brilliant project..


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Carpe Diem with Remi Port Adelaide

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Self-Publishing for #Teen ​Authors

I love the book, Christine, it's ​very clear and informative - ​perfect!

Jodie Uzzell

Faceboo​k Message

Christine your an inspiration to so ​many people and you give of ​your time. life experiences so ​others can learn to do things ​more simply.

S​heralyn Ratner

Self-Publishing for #Teen Authors

I think it's great as is and very informative!!

Gayle Ducaine

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